Certification Airbus A 350 Hangar 6 drummersCertification Airbus A 350 Toulouse FRANKREICH8 drummers at Burj Dubai by HQ Creative LLCDIPC Dubai 4 AEROART artistsParachuting event Dubai by HQ Creative LLCAudience DVAG Festhall Frankfurtanother unique event by Luc Petit productionsMercedes Benz IAA Frankfurt New S-ClassV.I.P. guest at DIPC opening event DubaiDIPC international parachuting ceremony Dubaiaudience stadium Luanda AngolaClub 7 Zaragozza SpainBMW Cairo presentation BMW i3Rome birthday party of an Russian oligarchrehearsals in the vertical 2 high speed winches 8m/sec.UAE ND 43. mainshow by HQ Creative LLcteam_extreme_show_apollos_finest_14_15Air ring show on DO 24 ATT6 drummers raised up from under the stageVideo Mapping on 40m concrete wall in torre del aguarehearsals at Torre del agua 67 metersRussian Wedding Rome by Luc Petit CreationsAir show on ice with Sarah Meier Art on Ice Zürichmerging air formations with speeds of 7m per secondMise en place des 4 avions à l’extérieur AIRBUS A 350DO 24 ATT Iren Dornier at SCALARIA AustriaFlying Opera by Scalaria WolfgangseeAndreas Regler, Michael Folgmann in St. PetersburgAndreas Matschoss water act at Scalaria theatroSurdos of flying drummers TPC Turkish Petroleum Companyflying drummers flying with pictures Luc Petit CreationsLED drummers with ground drummersmusic by Stephan Wildfeuer still running in DubaiOpening Hungerburgbahn Innsbruck by Zaha HadidAstronaut 2D flight National Day 46 Agu Dhabi UAEturning cube video mapping IP PrimetimeSvetlana Wottschel at Interschutz Hannover Magirus8 drummers rehearsals at Burj park Dubai 2 cranesfireworks DIPC DubaiClub Seven the highest party zoneDubai Burj Park Education Without BordersOpening ceremony Luanda Stadiumrehearsals AEROART 14meter mast systemAEROLUSION Show BAUMA Munich for Doka AmstettenFranz Tobisch vs Andreas Mtschoss on trapezes and bungge longesLED drummer at National Day UAE 43rdPrivate Wedding St. Petersburg drummer ensembleCertification A 350 speechesA model of Golf 7 operated in the vertical by computer controlled winchesteam_extreme_show_apollos_finest_368 drummers in front of oil barrels TPC AnkaraDVAG Festhalle Frankfurt 4 AEROARTS in a dynamic, unique bungee show24 winches lifting up a 100m trussing system Angola6 drummers in a circle manual controlledClub 7 show Zaragozza 7 weeksVIP main event programmed on water fountains DubaiRoland Bontatz in a 3D flight Chapions League Final Stade de FranceLED drummers UAE National Day 43. Dubai4 AEROART`s with TRACTOR system by Team ExtremeSt. Petersburg Russia Taiko drummer and Vertical DrummerFinal 4 VELUX handball Champion ships Lanxess arenaproduct experience Zaragozza Spain VW Golf 7National Day UAE 43. Dubai by HQ Creative LLCScalaria Wolfgangsee air plane show6 HiTech winches Hangar Airbus Toulouse BlagnacAmway Cina Event Geneva by Luc Petit Productions8 drummers playing live under Burj Khalifa towerAfrica Cup of Nations football ANGOLAMiller Twins performing vertical at Torre del Agua4 vertical drummers performing in a show of Luc Petit Creation 20 years Stargate Brussels in front of Atomium4 flying AEROARTS at Mirfif City Center Dubaiapollo_110_team_extreme_performance_on_airAEROART in SCALARIA event resort